Windows setup_genFind- ( ~14 MB )

Release Notes: Features Update
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MD5: F0F3CD533C24F9558114458FA24AA579
SHA1: F8207D6B048D1871B25859C55C0726A4B8E66D72E309EE0FE91225B960F3C932

Windows ( ~14 MB )
( exe setup is packed within zip )

Accept typical GPL (open source) license and have fun!

Older Versions

Windows setup_genFind- ( ~14 MB ),MD5:32CD72D54F63BC9BF7DA4BFE5269CF17 , SHA1: 30A1E2A5A2A09DA77D45A38FA6A7956EEEC012D6
Bookmarks context, Bookmarks Dialog
Navigation Arrows, History and History context menu

Windows setup_genFind- ( ~14 MB ),MD5:74183805780C6DA9984136E0A4A47C24 , SHA1: 719C7E5BD54C08EF9CA60F11DBEAE87F5536CB52
Changed XML Preview from pure ASCII to UTF8 decoding
Some more context menu entries

Windows setup_genFind-1.0.exe ( ~14 MB ),MD5: B67C5EA331926EA13E3D650A545AF389, SHA1: 23A1527608652B6B80775922124131A9EAB75580
Initial Version