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It's about file finding and viewing tool - GF - Generic Finder
GF is based on the ideas of linux programs grep, find, locate and regEx.

Generic Finder is an open source program written in C++ (17).
Actually supported platforms are Linux and Windows.
GF is a powerful search tool, it helps you to find any word (also parts of words and expressions) in a big amount of files,
each of them could be up to 2 GB.
You can order GF to search within a specific folder or in the entire disk space, in the files or among the file names.
Speed is caused by parallel work (threading).
GF understands simple search queries and regEx.
In detail we have multi layer search- and display engine.
GF helps admins to dig through big log files.
It can be also used by experts who wants to analyze some tons of texts in any language written from left to right with UTF-8.
We’ve tested the program with different text files. German, English, Russian and Chinese languages.

User interface is like a readonly file manager: Nemo, Windows 7 Explorer, ...
And yes the program does not overwrite/delete files. It's for research only!
Actually there are 4 kinds of (pre)viewers integrated: Text, XML, Hex, Image
But you can open your favorite file manager from every place,
copy filenames to clipboard or create MD5,SHA1,SHA256 checksums.

Online Help

Download latest Windows setup (

Screenshots Linux
Screenshots Windows

-Debian package for Linux installation .
-Source code, documentation and build instructions.
-International versions

Inspiration came from a professional linguist woman - my wife Tanya.
Thank you very much !

Freeware - Copyright Ⓒ 2022 - Olaf Kliche and Tatiana Kliche