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Welcome to our Website !

v 1.00.24, Linux,Windows
It's about the program 'Generic Finder' - or just GF. We offer it for free.
GF is a search tool for files and content of files located on Linux and Windows computers.
GF has a user-friendly interface, finds any word (also parts of words and expressions) in a big amount of files. We can search within single files up to 2 GB and/or in/within folders and drives. Source code is pure C++ (17). GUI is based on Qt.

GF is a multi file format viewer also(Text,XML,HEX und Bilder). The Open with ... interface runs any user defined program and the output can be redirected into active GF window. 'Open with pdf2txt' is a good example -> see screen shots
GF is fast because program works parallel - make use of modern Hardware.
GF runs on Linux and Windows.
GF understand simplest queries, logical ( and·or·not )
Regular Expressions (reg-ex) for professional users are also implemented.
In setail we have a multi-layer and multi-view maschine. Special made for user who wants ...
  • to analyze Log-files (sysadmins, IT-profs...)
  • to make full text search, language research and analysis ( for linguists, teachers, students ets)
  • to get fast overview of the computer file system (search files by date, file size, sorting results by various parameters)
  • to preview a file before open with an application (Actual previewers are: text,xml,hex,image)
without any obligatory 'predefined folder'. Configurable for your needs easily.
GF was tested with tons of files. It does not matter if it's English, German, Russian - as long as we have UTF8.
GF works great with Chinese texts (simplified and traditional characters).
GF supports any kind of UTF8 text like ( txt, bat, html, java, xml, ini, hpp, cpp, h, json, etc.), however *.pdf and *.doc are still under development. User interface is like the classic file manager Windows Explorer, Nemo, ...

About me - Olaf Kliche - Software Developer at
Inspiration came from a professional linguist woman - my wife Tanja.
Thank you very much !
Freeware - Copyright Ⓒ 2012-2024 - Olaf Kliche and Tanja Kliche