Generic Finder
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We cannot give any guarantee that Generic Finder is save and bug free.
This program is freeware and made in spare time

So what ?
We are testing on different computers and in different ways.
Windows setup is made with help of 'excelsior 2.1' - freeware installer.
The ready-to-use-setup*packs were tested. Installed, Generic Finder executed, Uninstalled - ok.
But programs are programs - we never know ...

So there is an alternative if you don't like installers. Make use of ZIP file. Zip files contains program and some files which does not need installation.
Download zip, unpack somewhere and execute genFind.exe (Windows versions).
Whole unpacked zip can also be on a stick. Than you have a swiss knife analyzing and viewing tool.

Source code? - NO
The Generic Finder Project executables are free of charge and do not have many restrictions - But the source is ours.

More questions ? Feedback ?
We apreceate EMail correspondence but for the first contact make use of the contact formular please.
Freeware - Copyright Ⓒ 2012-2024 - Olaf Kliche and Tanja Kliche