Generic Finder
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Combine your search file filter

Example: *my-bill*, *.xml
accepts full filepath if there is:
*my-bill* somewhere in the path
or the full filepath ends with .xml
Like Pattern, but logically excluding if pattern matches
Textfiles (*.txt *.html *.xml *.css ....)
Are user defined. Filter symbol is filled with green if enabled.
There are some pre-defined file extension which are interpreted as UTF8 Textfiles.
If some extensions are missing you can add within Configuration Dialog .
Filter files by time. Before, After, Between and simply YEAR
Filter files by size. Smaller,Bigger,Between - understand kb,mb,gb or pure numbers
Filenames start with '.'

Result of file searching process comes as a table of files which can be sorted by name,size or date.
A click on on entry opens the corresponding view.

Content Filter

Before you define your search pattern you should think about the scope.
Selection search scope from the combo box. 3 Scopes are File,Paragraph and Sentence.
If sentence scope work is depended on the text files. A C++ text file for example does not understand 'Sentence'.
A good choice mostly is Paragraph scope. A Paragraph is a line of characters ending with Linefeed (LF) or Carriage Return Linefeed. (CR LF)

Search by by simple pattern

Search by by regular expression

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