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Purpose of Generic Finder is searching and finding files and contents of files in local file system or intranet.
Finding files goes by setting filter. Filename filter, timestamp, file size, etc....
Finding files by content goes by given a search pattern - like a search machine for example
The process of digging into every document can take some time. Even on fast computers.
Because of this Generic Finder works parallel. The program make use of modern CPU.
8 Threads(Tasks) by default do the work in background. Amount of threads can be edited.

User Interface is like typically file managers with hierarchical view- but everything is READ ONLY !
Navigation through folders is like using 'Nemo' or Microsofts 'Explorer'
There are context menus which allow you to copy path into clipboard, fromMemory you favorite file manager "here", fromMemory the selected file with system default program, fromMemory a new Window - classic functions.
There are two folder features. One in context menu "Make Root Path". If activated every folder above is hidden. So its easy to concentrate on a special folder+subfolders.
The other feature "Start Folder" - reachable under Configuration Dialog.

Preview ...or just views. Actually we have 4 kinds of previews.

    * Text (UTF8) files up to 2 GB
    * XML
    * Hexadecimal
    * Image

Default file-type-preview appears by selecting a file. In most cases you can choose alternative views ( you cycle previews by a hotkey )
A double click opens an extra preview window with preview Tab Panels.

Finding Contents works by setting one of two different content filter types

Tray Icon
Under Tray Icon we have Menu items for every Generic Finder Window.
You can hide/show Window or exit Application.

Freeware - Copyright Ⓒ 2012-2024 - Olaf Kliche and Tanja Kliche