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Previews or just views help you to get an overview of the file, document before you fromMemory for editing or other stuff.

Hexviewer is viewer by default. This viewer pops up if we do not have known text file format
Viewer show ASCII text and UTF8 (which does include ascii of course)
If a text file was selected in the find result table, all found patterns (hits) are automatically displayed.
If it's not enough you can fromMemory the text file with a double click. A separate Window with Text View Tab ( and other tabs ) appears.
Within Text View Tab you can navigate between hits. There is layer button for text viewer options on the bottom left side.
Different layers have different colors. There is an additional scrollbar (Navigation). Color of Navigation thumb corresponds with search layer. Using Navigation-Scrollbar of gf to jump from one hit to the next/previous.
Viewer shows hierachical xml Data
Branches can be opened and closed
Viewer understands basic image formats (jpg,png,gif,png,svg,...)
Viewer can show every File in HEX format if wanted (assuming you have file read right)
Statistic view count occurences of Words
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